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Although we tend to refer to IC434 as the Horsehead Nebula, it's actually an emission nebula hidden behind the Horsehead nebula. The latter is made up of dark dust that is illuminated by the former. This framing honors the beauty and grace of the horse's silhouette, but I'm working on a mosaic that captures the broader area to include the Flame Nebula (NGC2024).

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Telescope:   Stellina
Length:   400mm
Aperture:   80mm
F-stop:   f/5.0
Sessions:   4
Captured:   2021-03-31 to 2021-11-01
Lights:   600
Exposure:   10
Total exposure:   1 h
Ra:   5h 40m 53.1s
Dec:   -2° 25' 44.615
Size:   44.598 x 35.065 arcmin
Radius:   0.473 deg
Scale:   0.412 arcsec/pixel