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05 Jan 2024—Review: William Optics Redcat 71 My new favorite lens

A complete review of the William Optics Redcat 71 astrograph refractor telescope, with comparisons to the Svbony SV503 70ED.


Browse the astrophotography gallery that contains hundreds of images of deep sky objects, planets, and the Milky Way. Many images include celestial coordinates, overlays showing the objects in the field of view and links to explore on an online planetarium.

The Pink Moon 2024 2024-04-23—The Pink Moon 2024

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Watch our astrophotography videos to learn tips and tricks, see how I process my images start-to-finish, and learn about the equipment I use. There are also videos that simply celebrate the beauty of the night sky, from the moon to galaxies and more.

08 Apr 2024—Total Solar Eclipse 2024

27 Mar 2024—The solar experience

Resources and Tools

Whether you are just getting started with astrophotography, or you are a seasoned veteran, you may find something useful in the resources and tools section. I have compiled a list of my favorite software, websites, and other resources that I use to plan, capture, and process my images.


Did you know? I am available to present astrophotography-related topics, provide training, help you troubleshoot your equipment, and more. If you are hosting a silent auction and are interested in one of my prints, if you want to show your children what Saturn looks like in a powerful telescope or if your group is interested in a star party, reach out! Contact me for more information.

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Review: William Optics Redcat 71 My new favorite lens

After over three years of practicing this hobby, I finally decided to expand my equipment and take my imaging to the next level. A colleague of mine at Microsoft recently...

The Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar

I’m writing to share that the Oregon Coast 2024 Calendar is ready. I am very late in bringing this to you and will miss the holidays, but I’m way ahead...

The secret to choosing ISO, exposure, and F-stop for astrophotography

As much as I love looking through a powerful telescope, my astrophotography hobby began with a camera and I’ve always enjoyed taking wide angle shots as much as observing deep...

How do I stack comets in PixInsight?

This post will dive straight into the solution. Everything covered here is shown in the video, How to Process a Comet in PixInsight.

What gear do I need for astrophotography?

I’m going to jump right into the subject of this post: my astrophotography inventory. First, if you’re new to astrophotography, you might wonder where to pick up equipment. I’ll start...

A Quick (Bias-ed) and Dirty Look at Calibration

There are a lot of sites with videos, articles, and blogs that explain calibration frames in detail and provide instructions about “what goes where.” If you want to know the...