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My name is Jeremy Likness and DeepSkyWorkflows is the website I created to express and share my passion for astrophotography. From the hundreds of photographs I've taken using amateur equipment from my backyard to instructional materials and videos, my goal is to provide everything you need to appreciate astrophotography and, if you're interested, try it out on your own.

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The secret to choosing ISO, exposure, and F-stop for astrophotography

As much as I love looking through a powerful telescope, my astrophotography hobby began with a camera and I’ve always enjoyed taking wide angle shots as much as observing deep...

How do I stack comets in PixInsight?

This post will dive straight into the solution. Everything covered here is shown in the video, How to Process a Comet in PixInsight.

What gear do I need for astrophotography?

I’m going to jump right into the subject of this post: my astrophotography inventory. First, if you’re new to astrophotography, you might wonder where to pick up equipment. I’ll start...

A Quick (Bias-ed) and Dirty Look at Calibration

There are a lot of sites with videos, articles, and blogs that explain calibration frames in detail and provide instructions about “what goes where.” If you want to know the...

My first viewing party

Last night, we hosted a viewing party for our local Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) support group. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’m biased with my personal passion...

Planetary processing with PixInsight (no RegiStax!)

Lucky imaging is a process used to image planets and the lunar surface. You capture video or frames at a high rate, then use software like Planetary Imaging PreProcessor to...