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Video: Photographing the Moon

I named this website after the fact that most images in astrophotography are the result of a workflow to process multiple source “frames” into the final result. As a beginner,...

Review: Svbony SV503 70ED refractor is inexpensive but not cheap

I hadn’t planned on purchasing the telescope. In September 2021, I decided it was time to “go big” with astrophotography and ordered a “rig” which is a synonym for putting...

To the Moon! Processing lunar images

To date, I’ve taken perhaps thousands of images of the moon. Some are dramatic like the cloudy moon, some are detailed like this crescent moon and others are close-up.

2021 in Retrospective and Favorite Photos

In late November of 2020, I was deleting spam mail when an advertisement caught my eye. It was for a telescope, but not just any telescope. This “observation station,” named...

Camera Astrophotography with Tracking: Star Adventurer Mini (SAM)

A tracker is a device that rotates slowly at the same speed the Earth spins around its axis. This allows you to aim your camera at a fixed location in...

My Camera Processing Workflow with PixInsight

An editing workflow recorded live with tips from changing the shape of stars without Deconvolution to dual frequency processing.