Welcome to the DeepSkyWorkflows galleries. Here, you will find images of stars, planets, galaxies, clusters, nebulae, meteors and other celestial wonders. Most of these images were captured from the deck of my home in Monroe, WA. Visit our online gallery shop to browse and purchase metal, canvas, and paper prints. 🛒 Find the perfect print for you. (TIP: any image is available for print, so if it's not in the online shop just contact me with the image title or URL for a quote).

If you're new to the gallery, we can browse it for you via our Slideshow.

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Gallery items are organized by category, so you can tap on "Lunar" to quickly jump to the lunar images. For my highest quality images, check the "⭐ Signature series" filter. If you're looking for photographs that are ready to print, choose "🖼 Prints available" or visit our print gallery. The filter will search title, description, and tags. For example, you can find "The Winter Sky Sapphires" by searching for M45 even though it doesn't appear in the title or description.

Most images will show four tabs. The main tab shows the image and, if available, an option to view it with the stars removed. The annotated (fullsize) tab is enhanced with labels for deep sky objects. The grid tab shows the right ascension and declination grid lines. annotated tab is a smaller image so the labels appear larger. If the image is available as a direct print, a button will appear that links directly to the print options.

On the right side is the description of the target. When available, you can click the link to the World Wide Telescope to see the image overlaid in a web-based planetarium. This will give you an idea of where in the sky it was taken.

In addition to facts about the image, you will also find links to related images (it's fun for me to see how different the same target may look based on the equipment, field of view, and my skills when I processed it). "Objects in frame" includes detected deep sky objects. Clicking on these will take you into our tags network that interlinks all of the images, videos, and blog posts on the site. If you have any questions or need further help, please contact me.

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