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This massive beacon in the night sky on Orion's 'shoulder' is a red supergiant with a mass 10 - 20 times that of our own sun. For comparison, if you exchanged the sun for Betelgeuse, the latter would swallow everything from Mercury through Mars to the asteroid belt. Most astronomers agree it is close to supernova +/- 100,000 years.
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Telescope:   Svbony sv503 70ED
Length:   336mm
Aperture:   70mm
F-stop:   f/4.56
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2023-02-14 to 2023-02-14
Lights:   5
Exposure:   180
Total exposure:   15 m
Ra:   5h 55m 11.2s
Dec:   +7° 28' 51.799
Size:   196.72 x 133.963 arcmin
Radius:   1.983 deg
Scale:   2.848 arcsec/pixel