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Stack four full moons next to each other and you'll have the size of this massive nebula that is a close neighbor of the Heart Nebula. What goes with heart? Soul, of course! What is the shape of the soul? Westerhout 5, the Soul Nebula.
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Telescope:   Svbony sv503 70ED
Length:   336mm
Aperture:   70mm
F-stop:   f/4.56
Sessions:   2
Captured:   2022-08-07 to 2022-09-29
Lights:   300
Exposure:   80
Total exposure:   6 h
Ra:   2h 54m 33.1s
Dec:   +60° 29' 58.029
Size:   146.448 x 113.335 arcmin
Radius:   1.543 deg
Scale:   1.421 arcsec/pixel