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Easily Normalize RGB with Auto-Linear Fit

Have you ever opened an image from a recent observation only to find it is washed out and looks purple, pink, red, blue, or green? This is common with my...

Processing Planets with PixInsight using Bulk Operations

I recorded a quick video to show how I work with planets. Stellina is definitely designed for deep space photography, so the planets it captures usually end up quite small...

Planning Mosaics with Telescopius and Processing with AstroPixel Processor

I recently captured an image of the veil nebula that required multiple panels to be assembled in a mosaic. I planned it in Telescopius with just a few settings. In...

Finding redemption in M33: The Triangulum Galaxy

This post shares a story about a journey that began a year ago to successfully image M33: The Triangulum Galaxy.

Making mosaics with Stellina and AstroPixel Processor: Polaris

This post walks through one technique for making mosaics, or pictures that are combined from multiple exposures. This approach integrates the mosaic during stacking using AstroPixel Processor.