Videos » Complete guide to Star Adventurer Mini (S.A.M.)

 12 Dec 2021

The Star Adventurer Mini, or SAM, is a portable system that attaches to your tripod and camera to allow you to take extremely long (such as 60 seconds to 5 minutes) exposures without star trails. In this video I explain how it works, show you how to set it up, provide examples and share tips like using your own software and polar alignment.

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  Complete guide to Star Adventurer Mini (S.A.M.)

Video guide:

  • 00:53 Tracked vs. untracked exposures
  • 01:54 What’s in the box
  • 02:37 What it looks like assembled
  • 02:49 How it works
  • 03:50 How to assemble
  • 06:06 Connections and power
  • 06:59 Power and WiFi indicators
  • 07:14 WiFi options
  • 07:51 Manual control of the motor
  • 08:20 Astrophotography settings
  • 08:55 Tip: keep motor running while controlling the camera with other software
  • 09:53 Installing the declination bracket
  • 11:39 Astro-timelapse settings
  • 12:40 Framing using a ball head (or trigger) adapter
  • 13:16 Regular (daytime) time lapse photography
  • 14:29 Polar clock utility
  • 15:17 Installing the polar scope
  • 16:42 How to orient the tripod for polar alignment

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