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The Easternmost jewel on Orion's belt is brilliant Alnitak, a bright star that bombards NGC 2024 The Flame Nebula with ultraviolet light, causing the gases to glow and form a brilliant orange flame. Nearby, a cloud of dust is illuminated from behind by emission nebula IC434 to create a strikingly horsehead-like silhouette.

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Telescope:   Stellina
Length:   400mm
Aperture:   80mm
F-stop:   f/5.0
Sessions:   11
Captured:   2021-03-31 to 2021-12-02
Lights:   1000
Exposure:   10
Total exposure:   2 h
Ra:   5h 40m 57.3s
Dec:   -2° 08' 22.034
Size:   65.738 x 36.687 arcmin
Radius:   0.627 deg
Scale:   0.688 arcsec/pixel