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The Running Man is clearly visible in this dusty nebula with beautiful blue and purple highlights. An often overlooked gem in the Orion constellation.
⭐ This photograph is part of our signature series.

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Telescope:   Celestron EdgeHD 9.25
Length:   1650mm
Aperture:   235mm
F-stop:   f/7.5
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2022-03-09 to 2022-03-09
Lights:   35
Exposure:   75
Total exposure:   43 m
Ra:   5h 35m 12.8s
Dec:   -4° 49' 0.916
Size:   36.055 x 26.551 arcmin
Radius:   0.373 deg
Scale:   0.379 arcsec/pixel