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The 'Christmas Tree' is a group of stars in the blueish area lower left that form a triangle with a 'trunk.' It is oriented the same direction as the Cone Nebula, that is indeed the cone you see. There is a ton of nebulosity in the region and one glowing spot isn't a star, it's a galaxy. This is NGC2264, the Christmas Tree Cluster!
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Telescope:   Svbony sv503 70ED
Length:   336mm
Aperture:   70mm
F-stop:   f/4.56
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2022-11-16 to 2022-11-16
Lights:   25
Exposure:   300
Total exposure:   2 h
Ra:   6h 39m 27.7s
Dec:   +10° 17' 16.493
Size:   135.009 x 112.928 arcmin
Radius:   1.467 deg
Scale:   1.778 arcsec/pixel