The Antares Region: a fast study

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I captured this target from the top of Heybrook Lookout in Index, WA (Bortle 3).I only spent about 20 minutes on Antares, a region that deserves hours of exposure. But even with the limited time, I captured more details than ever before, trumping the hours of filtered shooting through light polluted skies from my house.
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Telescope:   Sony ILCE-6300
Length:   135mm
Aperture:   67mm
F-stop:   f/2.1
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2023-06-26 to 2023-06-26
Lights:   40
Exposure:   30
Total exposure:   20 m
Ra:   16h 35m 55.3s
Dec:   -25° 18' 20.422
Size:   742.325 x 603.99 arcmin
Radius:   7.975 deg
Scale:   10.893 arcsec/pixel