The Colorful Field of Cygnus Stars

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This beautiful region is full of stars and some of the most bright and beautiful nebulae including The Cygnus Loop (Veil Nebula), the North America Nebula, the Crescent Nebula and the Tulip Nebula.

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Telescope:   Sony ILCE-6300
Length:   50mm
Aperture:   12mm
F-stop:   f/4.2
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2022-06-24 to 2022-06-24
Lights:   80
Exposure:   120
Total exposure:   2 h
Ra:   20h 9m 44.7s
Dec:   +38° 31' 25.123
Size:   1434.521 x 814.819 arcmin
Radius:   13.748 deg
Scale:   9.541 arcsec/pixel