⭐ The Horse and the Flame 2023

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The scene of the horse and the flame has always been one of my favorites even as one of the most popular targets. It contains a bit of everything; dust and dark nebulae, reflection and emission nebulae, bright stars and brilliant colors. I grabbed some extra time on this target last night. Here's my latest incarnation.
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Telescope:   Svbony sv503 70ED
Length:   336mm
Aperture:   70mm
F-stop:   f/4.56
Sessions:   3
Captured:   2022-09-26 to 2023-02-11
Lights:   109
Exposure:   120
Total exposure:   3 h
Ra:   5h 40m 51.4s
Dec:   -2° 17' 0.931
Size:   99.904 x 72.684 arcmin
Radius:   1.03 deg
Scale:   1.09 arcsec/pixel