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Located along the 'spine' of the Milky Way near several other popular nebulae, M16 has many names from the Star Queen to the Eagle Nebula. A vast emission nebula, at its heart lies the fabled Pillars of Creation. Just over 3 hours exposure went into this image.
⭐ This photograph is part of our signature series.
Telescope:   Stellina
Length:   400mm
Aperture:   80mm
F-stop:   f/5.0
Sessions:   5
Captured:   2021-06-19 to 2022-08-23
Lights:   1170
Exposure:   10
Total exposure:   3 h
Ra:   18h 18m 39.5s
Dec:   -13° 46' 58.603
Size:   43.054 x 31.973 arcmin
Radius:   0.447 deg
Scale:   0.619 arcsec/pixel