⭐ Supernova SN 2023ixf in M101 Pinwheel

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A few weeks ago, supernova SN 2023ixf was discovered. A massive star ran out of fuel and violently collapsed, causing a brilliant explosion that can be clearly seen 21 million light years away. It is the closet supernova to earth in the past 5 years and 2nd discovered in the area in the past 15 years. Messier 101, Pinwheel Galaxy, with supernova visible top middle.
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Telescope:   Celestron EdgeHD 9.25
Length:   1650mm
Aperture:   235mm
F-stop:   f/7.5
Sessions:   2
Captured:   2023-05-24 to 2023-05-25
Lights:   300
Exposure:   75
Total exposure:   6 h
Ra:   14h 3m 12.0s
Dec:   +54° 21' 0.007
Size:   30.617 x 24.494 arcmin
Radius:   0.327 deg
Scale:   0.245 arcsec/pixel