The Milky Way viewed from a fire tower lookout

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During the trek up a 1-mile, 1,200-foot fire service road to reach the lookout, we encountered thunder (but not lightning), a black bear, storm clouds and more. However, later that evening the skies clear and this happened. After verifying the Milky Way was visible with my 12mm lens, I decided to switch to the 50mm lens.
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Telescope:   Sony ILCE-6300
Length:   50mm
Aperture:   25mm
F-stop:   f/2.0
Captured:   2023-06-26 to 2023-06-26
Ra:   18h 17m 25.8s
Dec:   -25° 07' 59.632
Size:   1559.686 x 1041.862 arcmin
Radius:   15.63 deg
Scale:   15.535 arcsec/pixel