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Sarah's Galaxy, the 'Hamburger Galaxy' or NGC3628, an 'unbarred' spiral galaxy (there is not a spiral arm that passes through the core). Note the distinct band of dust that surrounds it and accents the edges. It is also part of the Leo Triplet.
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Telescope:   Celestron EdgeHD 9.25
Length:   1645mm
Aperture:   235mm
F-stop:   f/7.0
Sessions:   1
Captured:   2023-02-24 to 2023-02-24
Lights:   38
Exposure:   300
Total exposure:   3 h
Ra:   11h 20m 19.6s
Dec:   +13° 33' 59.033
Size:   39.638 x 26.993 arcmin
Radius:   0.4 deg
Scale:   0.574 arcsec/pixel