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Jeremy Likness Amateur astronomer Jeremy Likness has always been interested in the mysteries of deep space, but only recently began to explore them through astrophotography.
📅September 19, 2021 💬318 words ⌛about 1 minute to read

Processing NGC2174: The Monkey Head Nebula

Processing NGC2174: The Monkey Head Nebula

I recently ran a poll asking what my next video should be, and the response was near-unanimous: a full walkthrough. So, here it is. I processed NGC2174 from two sessions and recorded the entire process end-to-end. This is what it looked like:

  • I started with showing how to use Stellinator to organize the files from Stellina’s thumb drive.
  • Next, I used the Blink tool to remove bad images.
  • Finally, I stacked the images with AstroPixel Processor.
  • Next, I applied background extraction and background neutralization, then ran color calibration.
  • Finally, I ran my deconvolution script to generate special masks to improve the quality of stars in the image.

I’m very happy with the final result.

Let me know your thoughts!