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Jeremy Likness Astrophotographer Jeremy Likness has always been interested in the mysteries of deep space, but only recently began to explore them through astrophotography.
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The Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar

The Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar

I’m writing to share that the Oregon Coast 2024 Calendar is ready. I am very late in bringing this to you and will miss the holidays, but I’m way ahead of last year when the calendar just wasn’t turning out. This year I not only found a design that I loved and could customize to add astronomy-related events, but also the print quality is amazing.

Each month features a favorite photograph of (mostly) deep sky objects that I captured on the coast, with a few pictures of the coast thrown in.

In addition to holidays and days of observance, I included moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, and more.

If you’re interested in seeing the pictures that are included, you can browse the Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar Gallery that contains all twelve full-sized prints, plus the cover.

The only caveat is that I started late so I won’t be able to deliver them until January. I included the cover image in case you want to print that and put in a stocking as a promise that “it’s on the way.”

I apologize to my international guests as I am only able to ship to the domestic United States. I’m willing to see what it takes, so if you are international and would like a copy, simply contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Reserve your Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 calendar.

If you live in the Newport area and aren’t opposed to meeting somewhere around town, don’t use that link because it includes a flat rate shipping charge. I also have a small discount for locals. You can either reach out or send $32.99 to this PayPal link with a note that I can use to get in contact.

I’ll get ahead of this process next year to have them ready in time for holidays. I appreciate both your patience and your interest, encouragement, and support. I’m genuinely excited about this calendar that provides you with 13 different photo prints for less than the cost of a single canvas or metal print. Every one of those pictures has a special story that I’ll be excited to share as I blog more about the process in the coming months.

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