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Jeremy Likness Astrophotographer Jeremy Likness has always been interested in the mysteries of deep space, but only recently began to explore them through astrophotography.
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The Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar

The Oregon Coast Astrophotography 2024 Calendar

I’m writing to share that the Oregon Coast 2024 Calendar is ready. I am very late in bringing this to you and will miss the holidays, but I’m way ahead of last year when the calendar just wasn’t turning out. This year I not only found a design that I loved and could customize to add astronomy-related events, but also the print quality is amazing.

Each month features a favorite photograph of (mostly) deep sky objects that I captured on the coast, with a few pictures of the coast thrown in.

In addition to holidays and days of observance, I included moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, and more.

NOTE: the window for ordering the 2024 calendar has closed.

I’ll get ahead of this process next year to have them ready in time for holidays. I appreciate both your patience and your interest, encouragement, and support. I’m genuinely excited about this calendar that provides you with 13 different photo prints for less than the cost of a single canvas or metal print. Every one of those pictures has a special story that I’ll be excited to share as I blog more about the process in the coming months.

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