The moon is Earth’s own satellite, the fifth largest satellite in the solar system. If you’re curious, the top four spots are taken by Jupiter’s Ganymede, Callisto, and Io, along with Saturn’s Titan. The moon has exerted its influence across millenia, through its regulation of tides, the tales of time spun by its phases, the sense of awe invoked when it passes in front of the sun, and the pale rose color it dons when engulfed by the Earth’s shadow. When the skies are too bright image because of the moon, it’s easy to make the moon your target. A gibbous moon offers nice contrast, a half moon presents the ragged edge of a dividing line between light and dark, while a crescent moon offers long shadows, deep craters and sharp detail.

Diameter (km) (mi) (Earths) From Earth(km) (mi) Orbit Mass (Earths)
3,476 2,160 0.27 385,000 239,228 27.32d 1/81

Enjoy these images, videos, and blogs that celebrate the closest solar system body we can image.

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